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CCAPP invites you to become a Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor III (CADC-III)


TransPerson-1.pngThe CADC II demonstrates an advanced level of experience that tells consumers and employers that you have commitment and dedication. You are a leader and a respected member of your treatment team. Advancement to this level demonstrates a competency that comes from applying the skills you've learned in ways that have withstood the test of time. Becoming a CADC II lets you stand out in any treatment workplace,a nd gains you the recognition of an IC&RC credential.

Do you want to get certified sooner?

“Nothing can replace the wisdom that experience brings. I’m glad to be a CADC-III with CCAPP because I know that when I apply for a job my CADC-III certification puts my resume on the top of the stack, and when the State of California offers a license for AODA counselors, I’ll be at the top of the list as the most qualified in my field.”


Requirements for applying for the Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor III Credential:

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CCAPP approved, online classes

►315 hours approved education

►255 hours supervised work experience (field practicum)

►Passing score on the ICRC written exam

> Exam Administration Information

> Applicants have four chances to pass the IC&RC exam. After that they will need to complete the following in order to be eligible for another 4 chances:

•    100 hours of clinical supervision (hours need to be dated after their last fail date)
•    20 hours of AOD education (must be through an approved provider)
•    Exam retake fee $150.00 if they are a member 

►4,000 hours supervised work experience

►Bachelor's Degree


Portfolio review and written exam are required at the time of submission.

Fees and Discounts

Portfolio Review

►$165 Member

►$280 Non-Member

Written Exam

►$174 Member

►$338 Non-Member

Benefits of CCAPP’s Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor III Credential:

►Approval to be employed at state licensed and certified facilities

►Reciprocity throughout the United States and many countries

►Recognition of skills and competencies required to treat clients in any setting  

►The security of knowing that you are on the path to the highest levels of certification in California

►The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CCAPP CADC-III!”


For more information about IC&RC and its credentials, please click here.

Online applications through Certemy are in beta testing and not yet ready for publication.

To review the requirements for the CADC I certification in full, please click here to see the Certification Handbook for the CADC I/CADC II/CADC III

Instructions for Initial Application for Credentials

To apply for the CADC III by submitting a hardcopy application, please click here to download, complete, and submit to the office.

Application Processing Times

Application processing times can take six to eight weeks. All steps in an application must be submitted in full, must be complete, and must be accurate. An application is complete when every step has a green bubble. A green bubble with a white checkmark means CCAPP staff have verified and approved that step. Any step that is rejected will have a red bubble and must be corrected by the applicant. The processing time will be delayed and not resume until the applicant corrects the rejected step and re-submits all/any rejected steps.

Certemy User Tips

  • Do not use multiple email accounts. If you need to change your email address, see below.

  • Do not use your work email address. Accessing your Certemy account if you change jobs will become difficult, especially if you forget your password. Changing your email address is not a simple process and takes time. Avoid delays by using a personal email address.

  • When opening a new application, do not use alternate email accounts. Re-enter the exact same information (name, email address, password) you submitted for the original application.

  • Email or other profile changes must either be submitted through our [Contact Us] section or relayed to CCAPP personnel directly through a phone call or direct email.

  • Password resets are done through the Certemy login portal with the [Forgot password?] button.

  • Name changes are done in account by selecting the [profile details] link from the profile icon in the top right.

  • Be precise in your spelling: your documents are printed according to the information you provide.

  • If you require assistance, use our information request form.


If you are a CAADE transfer, You may be eligible to turn your credential into an equivalent CCAPP credential. To apply for transfer, click here.


If you already hold a CADC III credential and wish to renew, click here.


Begin the CADC III Application


Feel free to request more information, by using our information request form.