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Transfer to a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician - I (RADT-I)  


Although you are still obtaining the education and experience you will need to advance in your profession, becoming a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT) with CCAPP will give you instant recognition with employers and colleagues. Registering with CCAPP demonstrates your commitment to quality and your goal of becoming CCAPP certified!

How to transfer your registration:

To transfer your registration from another organization using our online application, click "transfer my registration".

 *This does not extend the five-year registry limitation imposed by the Department of Health Care Services.

Requirements for RADT renewal application:

  • Completed RADT renewal application
  • Completion of three hours in ethics and confidentiality
  • Submit proof of completion of minimum 45 hours of AOD education towards certification each year. Continuing education hours do not count, it must be 45 hours of primary education that goes towards 315 hours of education to be certified.
  • Signed CCAPP Code of Conduct for Credentialed Alcohol and Drug Professionals
  • Signed State of California AOD Counselor Code of Conduct
  • Signed RADT Scope of Practice
  • Payment of $40 due annually

Important things you need to know about the RADT application:

  • Applying to be a Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician (RADT) does not include Membership; Membership is separate from registration - for more information on becoming a CCAPP Member, please click here.
  • State of California regulations requires that registrants become certified within five years of the issue of registration. 
  • CCAPP welcomes transfers! Please have a copy of your previous registration ready to upload with your application.

Application Processing Times

Application processing times can take up to 30 days. All steps in an application must be submitted in full, must be complete, and must be accurate. An application is complete when every step has a green bubble. A green bubble with a white checkmark means CCAPP staff have verified and approved that step. Any step that is rejected will have a red bubble and must be corrected by the applicant. The processing time will be delayed and not resume until the applicant corrects the rejected step and re-submits all/any rejected steps.

Certemy User Tips

  • Do not use multiple email accounts. If you need to change your email address, see below.

  • Do not use your work email address. Accessing your Certemy account if you change jobs will become difficult, especially if you forget your password. Changing your email address is not a simple process and takes time. Avoid delays by using a personal email address.

  • When opening a new application, do not use alternate email accounts. Re-enter the exact same information (name, email address, password) you submitted for the original application.

  • Email or other profile changes must either be submitted through our [Contact Us] section or relayed to CCAPP personnel directly through a phone call or direct email.

  • Password resets are done through the Certemy login portal with the [Forgot password?] button.

  • Name changes are done in the account by selecting the [profile details] link from the profile icon in the top right.

  • Be precise in your spelling: your documents are printed according to the information you provide.

  • If you require assistance, use our information request form.


Begin the RADT Transfer Application Here


***Note: This is not your last step. Before your current expiration date occurs, you must renew your registration. Information can be found here.***

Feel free to request more information by using our information request form.