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Become a Certified Admissions and Marketing Specialist (CAMS)



1. Take and successfully complete the following executive/management level courses which may be offered by CCAPP Educational Institute or at another CCAPP approved provider:

CCAPP Course Title                                                                                                            Clock Hours

Course 001               Corporate Ethics and Compliance                                                         6

Course 002               Consumer Privacy and Data Security                                                    6

Course 003               Ethical Communications in Marketing                                                    6

Course 004               Addiction Treatment Marketing I                                                            6

Course 005               Addiction Treatment Marketing II                                                            6

Course 006               Ethical Compensation Practices                                                             6

2.    Must have at least 2080 of management experience at a SUD treatment facility or related to the SUD industry; candidate must provide a letter of verification of experience from supervisor.

3.    Must complete, sign and return the application/manual.

4.    Read, agree, sign and return the CAMS Code of Conduct.

5.    Read, agree, sign and return the Consent to Release Information and the Statement of Understanding.

6.    Provide a copy of CAMS Course Completion Certificate.

7.    Have supervisor or equivalent complete and confidentially submit the Recommendation and Evaluation Packet. (Separate document.)

8.    Pay required fees.

CCAPP Full Member: $300

Non-Member: $500

Important Notes:

The CAMS does not qualify as membership. If you wish to receive the membership discount, you will need become a CCAPP member. You may visit to apply for membership.

Reapplication: For any candidate who is denied CAMS credential the candidate may reapply after a period of no less than 90 days. The full application and Recommendation and Evaluation Packet must be resubmitted along with designated fees.

Recertification: Recertification is required every two years. Applicants for renewal must complete the renewal application, sign code of conduct/ethics, statement of understanding, consent to release information and complete six hours CE within course education areas and pay renewal fees. (See renewal application.)





CAMS Manual & Application

CAMS Employer Assessment Form

CAMS Renewal Application