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CCAPP invites you to become a

California Certified Prevention Specialist (CCPS)

The Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration's (SAMHSA) “8 Strategic Initiatives,” and the 2011 National Drug Control Strategy have placed prevention in the forefront of health care reform efforts across the country. Local, state, and national organizations are struggling to keep up with the tremendous demand for new prevention professionals. Credentialed prevention staff ensure that programs and their funders are delivering on their mission of ensuring public safety and well-being. A thorough understanding of prevention and the latest evidence-based practices for treatment is the hallmark of a qualified professional. Let CCAPP help you reach your certification goals!


Do you want to get certified sooner?


“I can make a difference in my community. Prevention is where everything starts. I want to be there and CCAPP has helped me to make that dream come true.”





Requirements for applying for the CCPS Credential:

Check out CCAPP’s terrific offerings of online classes.… they’re convenient, inexpensive and CCAPP-approved!

CCAPP approved, online classes

►One year (2,000 hours) of AOD prevention experience

►120 hours approved prevention education and/or training (50 hours AOD specific and six hours of prevention specific ethics education)

►120 hour practicum (specific performance domains )

►One professional letter of reference  (letter must attest to applicant’s knowledge, experience and character)

►Signed CCPS Code of Ethics

►Passing score on the IC&RC Certified Prevention Specialist written examination

Fees and Discounts

Portfolio Review CCPS

►$178 Member

►$300 Non-Member

Written Exam

►$164 Member

►$240 Non-Member 


►$175 Member

►$645 Non-Member

►With CADC I/II $48

Benefits of CCAPP’s California Certified Prevention Specialist Credential:

►Opportunity to demonstrate specialized skills

►Widely recognized as THE credential for prevention professionals

►The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CCAPP CCPS!”

To prepare for your online application, click here to download the hard copy to review the application requirements.

Welcome to our new, online certification system, Certemy. You will now be able to renew from your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet with our new application platform.  Please enjoy this new member benefit: easier access, timely notification of renewal steps, and real-time updates of your certification status. Should you already have filled out a hardcopy application, you may upload it to Certemy. Thank you for your patience. Once you click the below link, simply use the upload option to upload a scanned version of your hardcopy application. Thank you for your patience.

If you are having difficulties, creating a new account should be your last resort. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are having problems that you cannot resolve with these instructions.

  • Please fill in all required fields when you begin your application.

  • Be precise in your spelling: it is a lengthy process to change errors with user profiles.

  • Password resets are done through the Certemy login portal with the [Forgot password?] button.

  • Name changes are done in the account by selecting the [profile details] link from the profile icon in the top right.

  • Email or other profile changes must either be submitted through our [Contact Us] section or relayed to CCAPP personnel directly through a phone call or direct email.

Certemy combines starting an application with account creation; however, you can assign yourself different applications without creating multiple accounts. You simply re-enter the exact same information you submitted for the original application you assigned yourself into the new application (name, email address, password) and the new application will be assigned to your existing account.

If you are a legacy user, we would prefer you use the same email you have used with CCAPP in the past.

Note: We're currently in the process of enhancing and updating the Certemy application. Stay tuned for the upcoming release of the new and improved version, which will be available shortly.


This link is only for those looking to RENEW their CCPS credential. DO NOT use this link if you have never had this credential before.

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