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Certified Clinical Supervisor - California - CCS (CA)

The CCS (CA) credential is non-reciprocal (certification is not transferable, unless the candidate takes the IC&RC Written Exam.)   Candidate must live in California and submit verification of the following:

  • Candidate must hold a current and valid Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor credential or equivalent from a California Certification Board or a Master’s Degree in related profession.
  • Candidate must have obtained a High School Diploma or GED to be eligible
  • An additional (2) years (4,000 hours) of verifiable counseling experience as an SUD counselor   (If applying with a Masters, you must have an additional 6,000 hours)
  • Two (2) years (4,000 hours) of clinical supervisory experience in the SUD field. These two (2) years may be included in the five (5) years of counseling experience and must include the provision of 200 contact hours of face-to-face clinical supervision
  • 40 hours of didactic training in clinical supervision. This must include training in each of the following areas (Click here for full description): Counselor Development, Professional and Ethical Standards, Program Development and Quality Assurance, Assessing Counselor Competencies and Performance and Treatment Knowledge
  • Candidates must also provide:
  • 3 letters of reference from individuals familiar with the applicant’s work as a clinical supervisor, one of whom must have supervised the applicant’s clinical supervision
  • Signed Ethics Code & Consent to Release Information

Acceptable experience can be either volunteer or paid employment in which the applicant spends his/ her time providing direct drug and alcohol services/activities or that the applicant spends  his/her time providing supervision of services/activities. All relevant employment must be verified with letters from employers/volunteer coordinators, specifying alcohol, related duties. NOTE: In the case of part-time positions 2000 hours equals one year of experience.

Certification is granted for two (2) years and is renewable upon application to the board and by meeting the requirements as set forth by the board.

Application Fee

$48 - Multiple Credentials (Must have a current CADC or LAADC)

$100 - CCAPP Members

$300 – Non Members

Criteria for Renewal of Certification (Every Two Years):

The applicant must have been certified previously by the CCAPP Credentialing Board or have been granted reciprocity through the International Certification Reciprocity Consortium.
The applicant must submit a application to CCAPP Credentialing including a completed application form for Renewal of Certification, with a current, signed code of ethics. The application must include documentation on the application form, or attached sheet, of the completion of at least twelve hours (12) clock hours of advanced education hours with current CCAPP Education Institute provider number, with 6 hours of specific clinical supervision, and six (6) hours of ethics.
Where a question exists about the relevancy of such, the applicant must demonstrate to CCAPP Credentialing through further documentation (i.e., syllabus of course, workshop objectives, agendas, outcomes, letter from instructor, etc.) that such training should be considered valid and relevant toward fulfilling the applicant’s re-certification requirements. It is essential that the applicant include all copies (not originals) of certificates, further documentation, etc., with his/her application for renewal of certification to CCAPP Credentialing.  Failure to do so may result in CCAPP Credentialing denying renewal of certification to the applicant.
 All materials for Renewal of Certification must be received by CCAPP Credentialing thirty (30) days prior to the scheduled date for renewal of certification.  Any person who is certified by CCAPP Credentialing and fails to apply for renewal of certification has a period of one cycle (six months) to renew his/her certification. Failure to
do so will result in the need to re-apply for original certification. The current certification will not be extended through this period.

Renewal Fees

The applicant must submit the appropriate fees at the time of application (all fees are non-refundable)

$25 - Multiple Credentials (Must have a current CADC or LAADC)

$100 - CCAPP Members

$300 – Non Members