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Professional Recovery and Wellness Coach

Apply now for CCAPP's Professional Recovery and Wellness Coach Endorsement: PRC


The Specialty Endorsement program is only available to Alcohol/Drug Certified Counselors (Level I/II)OR equivalent, Certified Clinical Supervisor, Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professionals, and Licensed Professionals (LCSW, MFT, LAADC, LADC, or LPC).

"I knew my talents would be best used in intervention. Having my CCAPP PRC credential helps me to highlight that this is what I do. People trust me when they see this specialty.”

Approved Education Programs:

Addiction Recovery Communities of California

CCAPP Education Institute


International Recovery Institute

CCAR Trading Academy

What Is A Recovery Coach?

A Recovery Coach is a trained professional that promotes recovery and serves as a guide for individuals, families and communities to identify and remove barriers to recovery.

Who a Recovery Coach is and what his/her roles are varies from individual to individual. Here are some common ideas regarding a Recovery Coach:

  • Recovery coaches are not therapists, Peer Recovery Mentors or Peer Support Specialist. They do not provide clinical help; rather, they help the person engage with treatment, and also help  with various skills needed for recovery.
  • Recovery coaches are professionals who should be paid for their work.  The payer, whether Medicaid or commercial insurance, is likely to make  all decisions about role definitions and requirements.

Requirements for applying for an Professional Recovery Coach (PRC) :

  • Copy of current Certification (alcohol/drug, CCS, CCJP, CPS, CATC) or license (LCSW, MFT, LAADC, LADC, or LPC).
  • Certificate of Completion for each training/course attended OR school transcripts. (education received must be obtained from a CCAPP Education Institute approved  PRC provider or school)
  • The applicant must provide documentation of at minimum 1 year (2000 hours) of verifiable experience within the specialty the applicant is applying for in addition to the required education or 6 months of clinical supervision/mentorship or 1 year of working with families and addiction. The experience attained must have been received within the preceding 10 years. They must also provide a letter from the a clinical supervisor, or supervising interventionist or other documentation from the professional or company employed with or volunteering for that provides credence of specialty services offered.
  • Signed Code of Ethics
  • Payment: $75 Dollars for non-members and $50 dollars for members

Benefits of  being a CCAPP Credentialing Professional Recovery Coach Endorsement (PRC):

  • Invitations to workshops and education seminars
  • Discounts and scholarships to events
  • Mentoring and career assistance


Welcome to our new, online certification system, Certemy. You will now be able to renew from your phone, laptop, desktop, or tablet with our new application platform.  Please enjoy this new member benefit: easier access, timely notification of renewal steps, and real-time updates of your certification status. Should you already have filled out a hardcopy application, you may upload it to Certemy. Thank you for your patience. Once you click the below link, simply use the upload option to upload a scanned version of your hardcopy application. Thank you for your patience.

If you are having difficulties, creating a new account should be your last resort. Please contact us at [email protected] if you are having problems that you cannot resolve with these instructions.

  • Please fill in all required fields when you begin your application.
  • Be precise in your spelling: it is a lengthy process to change errors with user profiles.
  • Password resets are done through the Certemy login portal with the [Forgot password?] button.
  • Name changes are done in account by selecting the [profile details] link from the profile icon in the top right.
  • Email or other profile changes must either be submitted through our [Contact Us] section or relayed to CCAPP personnel directly through a phone call or direct email.

Certemy combines starting an application with account creation; however, you can assign yourself different applications without creating multiple accounts. You simply re-enter the exact same information you submitted for the original application you assigned yourself into the new application (name, email address, password) and the new application will be assigned to your existing account.

If you are a legacy user, we would prefer you use the same email you have used with CCAPP in the past.


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