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CCAPP Invites you to become a

Certified Peer Recovery Supervisor (CPRS)

Peer support services - advocating, mentoring, educating, and navigating systems – are becoming an important component in recovery oriented systems of care. Sharing recovery experience is deeply rooted in the addiction field, but it is a newer concept in mental health. Inclusion of peers with practical experience on teams with degreed clinicians is increasingly being emphasized by the U.S. Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA) - in both addiction and mental health settings. 


Credentialing provides much-needed standardization to the rapidly growing profession of peer recovery support. Becoming credentialed demonstrates competency, by having professional expertise and qualifications verified by an independent evaluator. It recognizes achievement of a standard of ethics, education, and experience necessary to provide quality recovery support services. The Certified Peer Recovery (PR) credential is designed for individuals with personal, lived experience in their own recovery from addiction, mental illness, or co-occurring substance and mental disorders.


Requirements for applying for the "CPRS" Credential:

Woman-5.png“I have been supporting my family and community for years. It's time to take my skills to the next level and show the world I am a trained peer recovery supervisor. CCAPP’s credentials are recognized everywhere so I know my certification will be in demand!"

With CCAPP  you can choose your own concentration!          

►Adult Peer Support  

►Transition Age/Youth    



You decide how to specialize and CCAPP will provide recognition of your special skills and experience.

Do you want to get certified sooner?

Check out CCAPP’s peer support training program.… It's free, convenient, and approved for CCAPP certification!

CCAPP Peer Support Training Information

►100 hours education/training approved by CCAPP Education Institute


►500 hours paid or volunteer experience

►25 hours supervised work experience 


►Passing score on the IC&RC Peer Recovery Examination 


Fees and Discounts

Introductory Fees:

Certification: $65  

Fees after the grandparent period:

Portfolio Review

►Member Fee: $65

►Non-Member Fee: $80

You must pay for portfolio review and written exam at the time of submission.

Written Exam

►Member Fee: $100

►Non-Member Fee: $100


Benefits of CCAPP’s Certified Peer Recovery Supervisor Credential:


►Reciprocity throughout the United States and many countries

►Ability to document your skills and experience at the highest level

►Opportunity to become leaders in the emerging field of peer support

►Recognition of skills and competencies required to support clients in any setting  

►Increased employment value

►Increased networking opportunities by becoming part of the largest certification organization in California

►The pride that comes with saying, “I’m a CCAPP CPRS!”


Click here to download the CPRS Application. 

Click here to begin CPRS Application