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Ethics for Addiction Counselors

All professionals who are registered, certified, or licensed by CCAPP sign two ethics agreements, the State of California AOD Counselor Code of Conduct and the CCAPP Code of Conduct for Credentialed Alcohol and Drug Professionals, when completing an application. These agreements are legally binding contracts that set forth expectations and consequences regarding ethical behavior for the profession. Consequences for violating these agreements are contained in California Law and Regulation, as well as the Uniform Disciplinary Guidelines sanctions matrix. CCAPP can apply sanctions that range from warnings and instructions, to revocation for ANY violation of either ethics agreement. It is incumbent upon all credentialed professionals to read and understand  the State of California AOD Counselor Code of Conduct and the CCAPP Code of Conduct for Credentialed Alcohol and Drug Professionals and to read and understand any updates made to these agreements.


The CCAPP Code of Conduct, the CA Code of Conduct, the Uniform Disciplinary Guidelines, and the Ethics Complaints Procedures have been amended. Read these items carefully as they govern standards and procedures for disciplining certified counselors in California. Each becomes effective September 1, 2019. To view the previous agreements, Contact

Please note that the Uniform Disciplinary Guidelines now allow the Ethics Committee to apply sanctions that may be greater or less than the previous guidelines. Also note that all ethics cases will be communicated using standardized written notifications of alleged violations and standardized written notices of findings.

How to File an Ethics Complaint with CCAPP

What you will need to file the complaint:

  • The first and last name of the individual believed to have violated the Code of Conduct
  • The name or address of the location where the violation occurred
  • A short description of the suspected violation
  • You will need to provide your contact information. CCAPP does NOT investigate anonymous complaints.

Accessing the ethics violation complaint form:

To file a complaint using our online form, click here.

To download the ethics violation complaint form, click here. Return the form by scanning and emailing it to:

You may also mail the form to CCAPP, PO Box 214127, Sacramento, CA 95821.

File an Ethics Complaint Online

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To speak to a CCAPP staff member about the ethics complaint process, please use the contact information below or fill out the message form.

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