The CCAPP Registry

Alcohol and other drug (AOD) counselors licensed, certified, or registered by CCAPP


In order to assist clients, employers and state regulators in the verification and referral processes, CCAPP has developed “The CCAPP Registry” for identifying qualified treatment professionals in good standing with CCAPP Сredentialing. The term “pending” may identify one of the following: pending administrative review, nonpayment of renewal dues, and/or declined credit card and/or a check provided that has been sent back with the status of non-sufficient funds.

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RADT = Registered Alcohol and Drug Technician

RADT II = Registered Alcohol and Drug Trainee II

CADC I = Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor I

CADC II = Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor II

CADC III = Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor III

CADC-CS = Certified Alcohol Drug Counselor – Clinical Supervisor

LAADC = Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor*

LAADC-S = Licensed Advanced Alcohol and Drug Counselor – Supervisor*

*non-governmental license

We also offer specialty certifications:

CCJP = Certified Criminal Justice Addiction Professional

CCPS = California Certified Prevention Specialist

CCDP = Certified Co-occurring Disorder Professional

CPRS = Certified Peer Recovery Specialist

CRPM = Certified Recovery Program Manager

MATS = Medication Assisted Treatment Specialist

IS = Intervention Specialist

WTS = Women’s Treatment Specialist

Non-Credential Acronyms

IM = Membership, this is not a credential

SQV = Supervisor Qualification Verification

CCAPP has updated its reporting functions for greater transparency. Ethics status gives consumers, employers, and auditors the up-to-date status for each individual. Expiration status lets applicants know when a credential needs to be renewed.

In Compliance + Not Expired = Valid

You may search for an individual’s first name, last name, or first and last name.
(For example: “John”, “Doe”, or “John Doe”).

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