Both the CCAPP Credentialing initial certification requirements and Certification continuing education hours (CEH) requirements are interrelated but serve different purposes.

Certification acts like a gatekeeper to your profession. It establishes your initial qualification as a substance use counselor by proving you have the basic knowledge and skills to do the job safely and effectively. To get certified through CCAPP, you must meet education, experience, and IC&RC exam requirements. This is a one-time process unless you’re transferring from another certification organization.

CEHs (Continuing Education Hours are necessary to maintain your CCAPP certification and keep it eligible for practice. These hours ensure that you maintain competency up to date with the latest knowledge and skills in the field. It’s like refreshing your credentials to practice.


    CEUs (Renewal) Requirements:

    • 50 hours of continuing education (CE) is required every two years for CCAPP credentials.
      • 40 hours must be from CCAPP-approved providers in alcohol and drug counseling (AOD) through workshops and seminars.
        • 6 hours must be in counselor ethics and beginning July 1, 2024, all certified individuals are required to include nine (9) hours of ethics continuing education with their renewal. A minimum of three (3) of these hours must be on the subjects of diversity, inclusion, culture, equity, or LGBTQIA2+.
      • Earn NO MORE than 10 Professional Development hours (PDHs) from any source through various trainings and workshops that enhance your professional development.
      • Applicants are responsible for ensuring that workshops have an approved provider number.

      Please Note: Professionals cannot repeat any CE courses for credit and must take only CE courses they did not take before; no duplicate courses allowed (CCAPP Credentialing Website, 2024).

      You can earn your CEHs through CCAPP Continuing Education to maintain your certification as a substance use counselor with CCAPP. To explore CCAPP Continuing Education options, click here (CCAPP Continuing Education website, 2023).

      By understanding the difference between CCAPP certification and CEHs, you can ensure you meet all the requirements to begin and keep a successful career as a substance use counselor. Certification gives the foundation that confirms your qualifications and readiness to practice in your profession. Ongoing CEHs ensure you stay updated on the latest developments and ethical standards to guarantee that your skills and knowledge remain current. By fulfilling certification and CEU requirements, you demonstrate a commitment to excellence and continuous professional growth that ultimately benefits the individuals and the communities you serve.





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